Lawrence, Dr. Craig

Adjunct Professor
John Wesley School of Leadership

Ph.D., The University of Alabama (2009)
M.Acc., Samford University (2000)
B.S.Ed., Tennessee Temple University (1980)  

Academic Experience

I have taught at the College and Graduate levels since 2000, both in the areas of Accounting and Education

Teaching Specializations

Practical Theology

Ministry & Professional Experience

After years as Deacon in Baptist churches, I was ordained as a Baptist minister in October 2000, and have been leading as an Elder (bi- and non-vocationally).
As to professional experience, I have led in the field of Accounting since 1984, working up from Assistant Bookkeeper to manage in such positions as Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Internal Audit Coordinator, and Accounting Manager, to cite highlights. In addition, since 1995, I have continuously operated an accounting practice. After years of leadership in industrial business accountancy, since 2000, my professional accounting work has been focused primarily in educational administration at the college and university level. Since 2005, I have led as Director of Financial Services at the two-campus Lawson State Community College in Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama.

Publications & Presentations

Current Perceptions of Statewide Workforce Investment Board Members toward Community College Workforce Investment Programs, Dissertation toward Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, The University of Alabama (2009)

Special Recognition

“Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers,” (2003-2004)
Certificate of Recognition as President of Alabama College Bookstore Association (2011-2012)
Alumnus of Alabama Community College Leadership Academy (2002-2003)
Graduate of Institute for Managers, 2008
National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS), University of Virginia

Membership in Academic Organizations

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Alabama College (and University) Bookstore Association (President, 2011-2012)
National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS)

Lawrence, Dr. Craig