Robertson, Dr. Lori

Adjunct Professor
John Wesley School of Leadership

B.A. Covenant College
M.A. Lincoln Memorial University
Ed. S. Tennessee Temple University
Ed.D. Liberty University 

Academic Experience

Teacher in GA Public Schools since 1983 
Adjunct Professor for 5 years at University of Phoenix, Chattanooga State, and Tennessee Temple University 

Teaching Specializations

Elementary/Early Childhood Education K-5
Health and Physical Education K-12
The Gifted Learner
Special Education
Middle School Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts
English 9-12

Leadership and Supervisiony  

Ministry & Professional Experiencen
CEO of GT Brumlow and Associates, Inc.
Youth Choir Director
Children's Choir Director
Adult Choir Pianist
Orchestra Keyboardsy  


Dissertation defense at Liberty University
Residency Quantitative Research Presentation
Residency Writing Skills and APA Presentationy  


Student teacher supervisor
Parent Involvement Teamy  


Five Children   

Robertson, Dr. Lori