Yu, Danqing

Assistant Professor
John Wesley School of Leadership

PhD in Sociology, Iowa State University
MS in Sociology, Iowa State University
Bachelor of Law, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China


Danqing’s research examines ideologies, values and behaviors through the scope of the prevalent social phenomena in contemporary society. Her teaching and research interests are in the fields of social psychology, cultural psychology, consumer studies and behaviors, beliefs and values, ideologies, motivations and sociology of religion. She uses a diverse set of research and analysis paradigms including grounded theory, in-depth interviewing, quantitative data analysis, mixed methods and custom survey designs. She is particularly interested in cross-cultural studies that better the understanding of the ethos and social behaviors of a culture. Her recent project interprets the social psychological factors of a very popular and seemingly irrational consumer behavior in China, which she conceptualizes and names as “auspicious consumption".


Yu, D. & Sapp, S. (2019). Motivations of luxury clothing consumption in the US vs. China. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 31(2), 115-129.

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