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What is the Ph.D. in Leadership Program?

This nationally accredited program is designed to form effective leaders for today’s complex and challenging organizational environments. Students can expect to learn about topics such as organizational change, conflict resolution, strategic planning, emotional intelligence, and more—integrating theory, research, and practice under the instruction of the best and brightest faculty in leadership.

One of The Most Flexible and Affordable Options 

Piedmont’s PhD in Leadership program ranked #2 in North Carolina as one of the best online, PhD programs. Its asynchronous, online delivery offers busy working professionals an anywhere, anytime approach toward earning their doctorate in leadership — with the exception of a one-week, on-campus residency within the first year.*

Since many of our students have full-time careers as well as families, we strive to meet their needs by making our program as flexible and affordable as possible. Our PhD in Leadership courses cost $475 per credit hour with a minimum requirement of 60 credit hours, and the program can be completed in as few as 3 years while balancing a full-time career, personal life, and family.

While Piedmont ranks #2 in the nation for the most affordable doctorate in leadership, we also find that to further shoulder the costs, 96% of our students receive some form of financial aid whether it be institutional, federal, or military. In 2017, over $1.3 million was awarded to our students. It is noteworthy that PIU offers approximately 3 years of doctoral studies in leadership for the cost of just one year at other Christian Universities and Colleges.

*F1 status cannot be granted.

The Three Concentrations:

  • Organizational Management
  • Ministry Administration
  • Educational Administration
3 Year Program
Available Online

"As the chief spokesperson for the District Attorney's Office, I am responsible for communications, media relations, and community outreach. The Ph.D. in Leadership degree has helped to sharpen my skills as both a communicator and a leader. Since completing my Ph.D., I have noticed a new level of respect among my colleagues who appreciate the added value this degree brings, as well as the prestige of Piedmont."

Dr. Dorinda Carter
Director of Communications for the Office of the District Attorney General of the 20th Judicial District of Tennessee

Dr. Dorinda Carter


Through critical thinking, scholarly research, writing, and learning, students in the Ph.D. in Leadership program seek to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Synthesize, evaluate, and contextualize leadership approaches and theories.
  • Choose and create an original, scholarly research project — that advances leadership theories and contributes substantially to the body of knowledge in their chosen concentration — culminating in a written, presented, and orally defended dissertation.
  • Demonstrate a high level of comprehension of leadership theory through practical individual and organizational application.
  • Analyze social, political, economic, religious, and organizational events related to the influence of leaders and leadership approaches.
  • Integrate scholarly research, and leadership skills by putting theory into practice.