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Recognized as one of the top online, organizational leadership programs available, Piedmont is ranked #2 in North Carolina for online programs and one of the most affordable that can be completed while you work.  Integrate your real work experiences with your research as you study effective leadership and change management.

The Master of Arts in Leadership is designed for those seeking graduate-level training in leadership with multi-dimensional applications across a suite of areas. It recognizes that leadership skills are necessary in areas as diverse as sports, education, criminal justice, management, public health, and government. Accordingly, the program is flexible to accommodate the needs of professionals in a number of areas where leadership skills can be applied within specialized contexts. Therefore, whether you are interested in the Indian Premier League, soccer, or the NBA and want to become a leader in the world of sports, or are a law enforcement professional who wants to rise to leadership ranks, or a teacher desiring to become a principal or school superintendent, the PIU MA Leadership is the right choice.

2 Year Program
Available Residentially
Available Online

"The M.A. in Leadership program not only met an essential need in my personal development as a military leader, it also provided a challenging curriculum that demanded continual self-evaluation, provided a format for practical implementation, and focused my awareness of opportunities to make daily applications in my role as both an administrative officer and a trainer."

— Major Jerry D. Baugh

Major Jerry D. Baugh


Each graduate will demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the elements of leadership.
  • Competence in conducting research.
  • Application of leadership theories and practices relevant to specialized professional contexts.